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       Oh, there it is again, that annoying sound the factory always seems to make. You’d think by how far away you live from it the noise wouldn’t be so loud, but somehow it still reaches you. No matter who you talked to, nobody was really able to tell you exactly what it sounded like; a strange mix of crackles and low booms that seemed impossible to fully identify. The county clearly didn’t care much about it, either, since all messages regarding the noise are never answered, and any in-person questions are simply ignored. It has gotten to the point where residents are moving out purely because of the factory’s noise.

       Over the months you’ve noticed it has become noticeably stronger; first quiet and few, though nowadays they are much more frequent, and annoyingly loud. And to your dismay, today has been the worst you’ve heard by far. What could they even be doing in there?

       Looking out your window, there was nobody to be seen; that wasn’t much of an oddity these days, however. The neighborhood was more of a mild ghost town at this point, and anyone who still lives here spends most of their time somewhere else just to get themselves away from the noise. You considered moving out too, but… For some reason you stayed.

       The clouds today loomed, and though they weren’t incredibly dark you wouldn’t be surprised if there was a bit of rain. Hold on… It couldn’t be, but… Wow, could you actually see the clouds darkening? A storm was really brewing, and it seems to be brewing quickly; clearly quickly enough for you to actually see it starting, which is actually pretty crazy.

       Your gaze drifted down to the ground, where you couldn’t help but notice a strange object. It was small and a lime green… And despite not being able to see much else about it from this distance, it certainly didn’t look like it belonged on your property. Even though the storm seemed to be coming, surely you had enough time to peek outside for a minute and check whatever that thing is.

       You open the door and walk outside, immediately blasted by a chilly wind. This storm is developing even quicker than you had imagined; and through it all the factory’s noises continued to sound. The sky was pretty dark now, you’ll definitely have to hurry this up lest you get caught in the rain. Thunder rumbles loudly from not too far away, or was that from the factory? You couldn’t tell, not that you really cared too much.

       Anyways, onto that weird green thing… Upon closer inspection, it wasn’t anything other than a small green pole. You curiously kick it a little, but it won’t budge; it seems like it’s been stuck into the ground by something. Thunder booms again, followed by another, but hm… There has to be some way to get this thing off your property. Do you really want to pull it with your own bare hands? Not really… Although at this point you might not have any other choice.

       Another boom of thunder. These are becoming a bit too close for comfort now… Though strangely enough, you can’t seem to find any lightning to go along with it. No matter, that isn’t important. Let’s see if you can get this damn thing out of the ground… You take your hands to it and begin to pull, but no luck. It almost looks like it’s glowing a bit now, but that’s probably just the color.

       You’re gonna get it this time, you can feel it… You’ve just gotta get your back in it and pull…


       You’re jittering… On the ground… What just happened…

       Struck by lightning? No, that’d be impossible… Ow, it hurts to move…

       In the corner of your vision you can see that small, green pole. It was distinctively glowing now, and with the darkness from the clouds it practically lit up the ground around it. It must have been the energy from the lightning bolt, but you can vaguely recall a flash of green. The lightning itself couldn’t have been green… Right?

       A stinging pain courses through your body as you try to move again. The shaking has not subsided in the slightest, though you’ve sort of lost feeling in your feet and your legs. Maybe that’s just because of the shock, but that’s not it. They’re strangely harder and heavier than you remember. And colder… Maybe that’s the wind?

       You struggle to move your head up; upon gazing over you find there’s something very wrong with your feet. Even though it was kind of dark out right now, you could tell your feet were even darker. How could this happen?

       Not giving much time to react, your feet begin pushing upon your shoes. It was the strangest feeling, almost as if your feet were suddenly too big to fit inside them. Couple this with the weird loss of feeling and the shaking pain, this was not a comfortable situation. You try taking off your shoes to see what’s going on, but the pain shot through you like a gun. That left you simply staring out at your shoes, clueless on what is happening to you but not being able to do anything to stop it. Good thing there didn’t seem to be any people around to watch you… Or maybe someone would’ve been able to help you get your shoes off… Whatever, that isn’t important right now.

       The pressure is terrible now, especially in your toes; it almost feels like it’s pulling your shoes apart and breaking them entirely, but that couldn’t be possible… Could it? The stretching, ripping sound seems to be telling you otherwise…

       Around 15 agonizing seconds of waiting, the time had come. Your shoes began to burst open, and though it was an incredibly freeing feeling the sight of your feet gave you a wave of terror. The middle toe on each foot seemed to be far too long to even be possible, all black and… Are those scales? Your toes are so sharp now, if you were able to touch them they’d probably cut your hand open.

       Unfortunately it seems that the black scales—or whatever they are—haven’t stopped at your feet. They’ve gone up to your ankles, and you can visibly see the dark black color crawling past them at a steady pace.

       However, as much as this worried you, a distraction took your attention much more than simply the scales; for in your thighs you could feel your bones stretching quite painfully, it seemed the pain from the shock centered there, although maybe that was just because it was far too agonizing for you to notice it anywhere else. Either way, it shot through you and didn’t stop. Your bones felt as if they were shifting, your legs becoming further apart from each other. You managed to look over there and immediately regret doing so, for the sight was sickening; it was really true, your legs practically weren’t connected to your body anymore, merely by small connections on the sides of your thighs.

       It must have been the lightning strike, but this couldn’t… You must be hallucinating. That’s what it is. Just close your eyes, everything will be okay… Urg, but it all feels too real…

       To your relief, the extreme pain has begun to subside, focusing your attention back to the uncomfortable crawling of the black scales, which have reached your knees and have not stopped. Speaking of which, your knees have awkwardly jointed backwards; when did that happen? Must have been when you were distracted by the pain before… Trying to move them is just too difficult, too awkward to be real…

       Past your knees now, the scales are practically in your thighs. Nervously reaching over and touching them, they were so rough and hard, no, this must be some sort of crazy hallucination from the lightning strike, you don’t have scales, you don’t have scales…

       But they seem to think otherwise, continuing the slow inching upwards into your waist. They seem to be a faint tinge of green, though you couldn’t tell if that was simply due to the continually glowing rod nearby. Speaking of which, the glow from that has surprisingly gotten brighter, though you had to admit it was nice lighting.

       Woah, you’re getting distracted… You’re turning into a monster—whatever this is—and you’re focusing on that? Just call someone or something! With the phone that’s… Inside… And you can’t move. Shit.

       To make matters worse, your pants are very close to ripping at this point, from the pressure of your legs moving apart. There’s nobody around, but that doesn’t make a difference; you’re about to lose your pants outside. Oh yeah, and you’re turning into a monster, for god’s sake!

       Up into your stomach now, geez, the scales are moving up and down as you breathe, this is all just too real… You’re beginning to feel an uncomfortable pushing in between your parted legs, as if you needed any more discomfort; it’s really strong, and you don’t think  your pants can take it any longer…

       Out it goes, a sprout of a thick, scaly black tail ripping through the fabric. Though it isn’t much yet, only around half the length of your legs, the terrible shove suggests it’ll be much longer than it is now…

       And, with no time to lose, as if this inhuman tail wasn’t thrusting itself out of your body, the scales continue to crawl upward; they’re in your chest now and beginning to reach to your shoulders. Your new tail’s uncomfortable pushing has gotten it longer than your legs at this point. It seems to be tapering into a point the longer it grows, like thick, draconic tails generally do.

       Past your shoulders and into your upper arms they continue to spread, and your fingers… Oof, your fingers hurt so much all of a sudden… You can barely move them, and in fact it looks like they’re moving all on their own? Yes, they really are… Your pinky fingers have begun to bend backwards impossibly and shift themselves up the sides of your arms, all the while accompanied by a disconcerting, dull pain. As it stops by your elbows, soon your ring fingers do the same, marking the halfway point between your pinkies and the rest of your hand…

       Your tail is the length of your body now, and seems to have slowed down, along with the sharp pain that resulted from it. It rests on the ground with the remainder of your changing body, still sore from its momentous push. Every so often you’ll unintentionally move it a little, not used to this large new appendage.

       As if there wasn’t enough growing and stretching, your pinky, ring, and middle fingers begin to do the same. They become so long and so thin, stretching double, triple, quadruple the length they used to be, the bones in them reshaping to better fit this newfound length… Moving them has now become so awkward, so disorienting… Not to mention the fact that they’ve been completely covered in black scales.

       What’s left of your normal hand has begun to change as well, your thumbs and index fingers feeling incredibly dense and hard now, and it wasn’t scales. They seem to be shaping into large, spike-like claws, quite thick and amazingly sharp. As your arms have completely covered themselves in scales, so has your entire body from the shoulders down.

       On the sides of your six inhumanly long fingers, you’ve noticed a strange, greenish film forming, which has begun to reach outwards on either side. As this substance stretches out, soon it reaches the others of its kind, connecting your very long fingers with a thin, green sheet. The pinky’s side reaches your body and seemingly connects itself with your scales.

       Oh god, these are wings. Your arms have turned to freakin wings!!

       With no time to spare, the scales have made their way through your neck, causing it to rather uncomfortably stretch. It practically felt like your whole face tingled as they crawled up onto it, seemingly concentrating near the middle of your nose. Though you couldn’t see much of what was going on in your face, by the feeling you could definitely tell that your nose was sharpening and turning downwards. In fact, it seemed to be stretching outwards slightly as well.

       Up to the top of your head now, as the scales began penetrating your scalp you could feel all the hair on your head beginning to fall on the ground beside you. In its place came more painful, discomforting stretching, especially near the back; you really couldn’t tell what it was, but it almost felt like it could be some sort of spike adorning the back of your head.

       A prickling feeling came over your entire body as you tried to figure out what this was, and though it wasn’t painful at all it was distracting enough to get your mind to it. As you looked down at your body to figure out what was going on, you began to notice spikes forming all over your tail, rows and rows of spikes which traveled up through your stomach and chest, past your long neck and into your head. Sharp spikes now covered most of the scales on your body.

       And then there was quiet. Or so you thought, because as soon as you could catch your breath the edge of your tail was hit by a sharp pain. What now??

       On the sides of that edge came some green thing, seemingly part of your tail. It grew out and curved downwards, splitting into two on each. As it finished the pain subsided, replaced by a very different feeling in the area: some sort of strange emptiness. It’s almost as if your tail begged you to fill it, though with what you were not sure. Those prong-like extensions needed something, and it needed it fast… But what the hell is it even looking for?

       Your eyes gaze over at that glowing green rod, and your tail practically shakes involuntarily. It definitely wanted that, and by extension, you strangely did, too. You couldn’t help but crawl over to it and touch your tail to it…

       A rush of energy!! Immediately upon contact you feel an amazing rush through your body, and it feels so good! The edge of your tail is glowing now, and so are your claws… It even looks like your wings are glowing a little as well.

       You take your tail away and the energy continues to flow in your body, and though it feels amazing, it isn’t enough. You need more

       A strange noise sounds from afar as you touch your tail again to the green rod, your body filling with that incredible energy that you can’t seem to get enough of.



       Your thinking has begun to dull itself from this monumental surge that has just flowed through you, you can barely think of anything besides the fact that you need more of this current through your body…

       As your memories begin to dissipate into the current, you really don’t care. Your eyes begin to glow a bright green to match the wonderful momentum that has filled your body. You didn’t need to be human anymore, anyway. Humans can’t enjoy this amazing voltage…

       You didn’t even notice the group of five or so humans with lab coats on, who were watching you since the start.
THIS IS A COMMISSION FOR BurstCoffee :iconburstcoffee:

Oh gosh, here it is finally. I think I've decided that I'm only gonna accept commissions for series I'm actually familiar with, because I think that's partly why my motivation for this was so low. Sorry, but I know next to nothing about Monster Hunter...

Please do let me know, Burst, if you would like anything in addition to this due to how late it is.

Total word count: ~2610

Reader to Specified Pokemon TF Story - $7.00, or 1050 Points
(I guarantee a 2000 word minimum for commissions!)

My preferences are rather limited in terms of what I'm comfortable attaching my name to, however if you would like more information regarding that then ask me somewhere.

I don't own this character! My (attempts at) writing is merely for fan purposes. I don't want to get in some crazy legal thing, mmkay? Thanks.

Thanks for viewing! :D (Big Grin)
-NathanDotNet, a.k.a. 白泽维
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TheKillerShaymim Featured By Owner May 10, 2017
That was pretty good. I really liked the detail in the transformation. What did the factory have to do with this whole thing though? Aside from driving everyone else out.
goldsnakes Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist Writer

Now you are still stressed or you have more free time?
NathanDotNet Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist

But nope. Practically on overload work
goldsnakes Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Oh well, I hope that this would end soon...
NathanDotNet Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, me too lol
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