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Emerald Thunder (Reader to Astalos TF/MC) [COMM]
       Oh, there it is again, that annoying sound the factory always seems to make. You’d think by how far away you live from it the noise wouldn’t be so loud, but somehow it still reaches you. No matter who you talked to, nobody was really able to tell you exactly what it sounded like; a strange mix of crackles and low booms that seemed impossible to fully identify. The county clearly didn’t care much about it, either, since all messages regarding the noise are never answered, and any in-person questions are simply ignored. It has gotten to the point where residents are moving out purely because of the factory’s noise.
       Over the months you’ve noticed it has become noticeably stronger; first quiet and few, though nowadays they are much more frequent, and annoyingly loud. And to your dismay, today has been the worst you’ve heard by far. What could they even be doing in there?
:iconnathandotnet:NathanDotNet 9 4
Fixing the Dormant
Fixing the Dormant
A solution to remove some of the indolence in our indolent society.
      In today’s American society, we have been overrun by laziness; not needing to get off the chair to turn on your automated entertainment machine, writing words instead of physically speaking to a person, and the list goes on. This is not only harmful to the people, getting much less exercise daily, but also ensures that it will only increase as time goes on. Though I cannot provide an entire solution to this mess—that would be far too counterproductive—I can propose an idea regarding fix to at least some of it.
      There is, indeed, one act of laziness so far lazy that cannot be recovered: the stagnant act of slumber, where humans lay unconscious for a period of approximately eight hours (which, might I add, is an entire third of each day cycle). This, upon calculation, is an outlandish use of time and resources and is a primary motivator behind
:iconnathandotnet:NathanDotNet 3 13
Other Side of the Sunset :iconnathandotnet:NathanDotNet 10 3
Burned - December 2016 Poems 3/3
Let's go out and have some fun,
In the winter snow,
You'll get it under your coat
And then you'll want to go.
Let's close the door and flip the heat,
All cozy inside,
The heat turns off not before long
Because your bill is fried.
Let's build a fire and snuggle up,
Crackling discerned,
A spark of ash hits your wood stash
And then your house is burned.
:iconnathandotnet:NathanDotNet 0 3
Delay - December 2016 Poems 2/3
Why work today
When you can delay?
Just go replay
This poem is terrible
I'll fix it tomorrow
:iconnathandotnet:NathanDotNet 0 1
We're Together - December 2016 Poems 1/3
What do you wish for?
Happiness, gumdrops, flowers, and rainbows!
Remember what you came for.
Noisiness, nonstop, sours, and egos.
Isn't it an eyesore?
Never ever, whatsoever, don't be clever, we're together.
:iconnathandotnet:NathanDotNet 0 0
Icon - Repede [COMM] :iconnathandotnet:NathanDotNet 7 2
Mature content
Crushed (Reader to Metagross TF/MC) [COMM] :iconnathandotnet:NathanDotNet 13 16
WLF-72FC (HSW's Contest Entry) :iconnathandotnet:NathanDotNet 3 15 We'll Watch the Stars Someday :iconnathandotnet:NathanDotNet 15 6
Slipped in Mud (Reader to Mikhail TF/MC) [COMM]
         The rain pounded heavily on your windshield, and though the roads were rather calm the ride back from work was not a pleasant one. Drives like this seemed endless, like the rain would never stop and you would never get back home. It was obvious that the stress of working was getting to you, but you didn’t want to think about it. Just focus on the road, don’t get distracted by the rain.
         To your surprise, what looked to be a never-ending downpour began to lighten up significantly as you got closer to home. You must have been going in the opposite direction of the rainstorm, though with the direction the wind was blowing that thought seemed rather peculiar. Either way, you were satisfied to see that the rain was no longer getting in the way of your driving, even if you were so close to home at this point.
         You parked the car in your driveway, took everything out of the car that
:iconnathandotnet:NathanDotNet 10 33
Pixel Art Pop Tart :iconnathandotnet:NathanDotNet 5 16 Our Pixel World :iconnathandotnet:NathanDotNet 7 10
:iconnathandotnet:NathanDotNet 2 4
warui hitode yokatta :iconnathandotnet:NathanDotNet 3 3
Words to write,
Dreams to dream.
Some in spite,
Some will gleam.
Write them down,
They come to life.
In our dreams,
They come to life.
Waking up,
They had died.
Never real,
Do not try.
It must be,
Kept all inside.
Kept all inside.
Do not stray,
Patterns say.
Don't delay,
Because if you break a pattern it'll just make things harder.
There is one,
Awkward read.
Stubborn ones,
Don't you see?
Not worth the time.
Not worth the time.
Not worth the time.
:iconnathandotnet:NathanDotNet 3 4


Midna Bun Dem :iconbugplayer:Bugplayer 170 10 drifting thru the void :iconaphelione:aphelione 64 1 fishy dreams :iconaphelione:aphelione 121 2 Ice-Power Yooka - Day 1332 :iconseracfrost:Seracfrost 12 1 fire fish :iconpikaole:pikaole 500 52 Glitching :icond685ab7f-pis:D685ab7f-pis 139 53 Eevee into Flareon :icontheoluma:Theoluma 61 4 Petals Fall :iconyuumei:yuumei 13,790 435 Sgums :iconphthalovs:phthalovs 124 13 Zacharie :iconsolidsoul11:SolidSoul11 52 4 love acutally :iconqmffnaowlr:qmffnaowlr 6 3 practice :iconqmffnaowlr:qmffnaowlr 9 0 Splash Out! :iconrachiello:Rachiello 64 16 Mimikyu's Slash 2 :iconmidnytesketch:MidnyteSketch 84 2 Snivy :iconkemofoo:kemofoo 39 2 Jester And Mouse :iconlorellamagic:lorellamagic 87 2

^^ Look at all those wonderful people up there ^^

Big thanks to all these guys for watching! You are all amazing!!

:D :D :D :D :D


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Began on August 14, 2016

This guy is a cool dude

:iconmint-pickles: Mint-Pickles :iconmint-pickles:
Go check him out he has cool photography
also he's my brother
Winter Flowers by Mint-Pickles
Look at the pretty flower^^

These are my faves! (Stamp Collection)

yeah I like a lot

Gen I

001 - Bulbasaur by Marlenesstamps007 - Squirtle by Marlenesstamps026 - Raichu by Marlenesstamps063 - Abra by Marlenesstamps080 - Slowbro by Marlenesstamps082 - Magneton by Marlenesstamps087 - Dewgong by Marlenesstamps094 - Gengar by Marlenesstamps104 - Cubone by Marlenesstamps105 - Marowak by Marlenesstamps115 - Kangaskhan by MarlenesstampsMega Kangaskhan by Marlenesstamps121 - Starmie by Marlenesstamps131 - Lapras by Marlenesstamps132 - Ditto by Marlenesstamps137 - Porygon by Marlenesstamps144 - Articuno by Marlenesstamps147 - Dratini by Marlenesstamps149 - dragonite by Marlenesstamps151 - Mew by Marlenesstamps

Gen II

162 - Furret by Marlenesstamps169 - Crobat by Marlenesstamps178 - Xatu by MarlenesstampsMega Ampharos by Marlenesstamps184 - Azumarill by Marlenesstamps186 - Politoed by Marlenesstamps199 - Slowking by Marlenesstamps201 - Unown by Marlenesstamps203 - Girafarig by Marlenesstamps230 - Kingdra by Marlenesstamps233 - Porygon2 by Marlenesstamps237 - Hitmontop by Marlenesstamps245 - Suicune by Marlenesstamps249 - Lugia by Marlenesstamps


252 - Treecko by Marlenesstamps253 - Grovyle by Marlenesstamps280 - Ralts by Marlenesstamps282 - Gardevoir by Marlenesstamps292 - Shedinja by Marlenesstamps302 - Sableye by Marlenesstamps303 - Mawile by MarlenesstampsMega Aggron by Marlenesstamps312 - Minun by Marlenesstamps324 - Torkoal by Marlenesstamps337 - Lunatone by Marlenesstamps340 - Whiscash by Marlenesstamps351 - Castform by Marlenesstamps357 - Tropius by Marlenesstamps358 - Chimecho by Marlenesstamps359 - Absol by MarlenesstampsMega Absol by MarlenesstampsRelicanth by Marlenesstamps381 - Latios by Marlenesstamps385 - Jirachi by Marlenesstamps386 - Deoxys Speed Forme by Marlenesstamps

Gen IV

398 - Staraptor by Marlenesstamps410 - Shieldon by Marlenesstamps423 - Gastrodon West by Marlenesstamps441 - Chatot by Marlenesstamps442 - Spiritomb by Marlenesstamps461 - Weavile by Marlenesstamps462 - Magnezone by Marlenesstamps468 - Togekiss by Marlenesstamps474 - Porygon-Z by Marlenesstamps475 - Gallade by MarlenesstampsMega Gallade by Marlenesstamps478 - Froslass by Marlenesstamps479 - Rotom by Marlenesstamps479 - Heat Rotom by Marlenesstamps479 - Wash Rotom by Marlenesstamps482 - Azelf by Marlenesstamps491 - Darkrai by Marlenesstamps493 - Arceus by Marlenesstamps

Gen V

495 - Snivy by Marlenesstamps518 - Musharna by Marlenesstamps530 - Excadrill by Marlenesstamps561 - Sigilyph by Marlenesstamps562 - Yamask by Marlenesstamps563 - Cofagrigus by Marlenesstamps571 - Zoroark by Marlenesstamps579 - Reuniclus by Marlenesstamps584 - Vanilluxe by Marlenesstamps586 - Sawsbuck Winter by Marlenesstamps587 - Emolga by Marlenesstamps601 - Klinklang by Marlenesstamps604 - Eelektross by Marlenesstamps606 - Beheeyem by Marlenesstamps607 - Litwick by Marlenesstamps609 - Chandelure by Marlenesstamps615 - Cryogonal by Marlenesstamps617 - Accelgor by Marlenesstamps623 - Golurk by Marlenesstamps630 - Mandibuzz by MarlenesstampsLandorus Therian Forme by Marlenesstamps

Gen VI

658 - Greninja by Marlenesstamps662 - Fletchinder by Marlenesstamps666 - Vivillon Polar Pattern by Marlenesstamps666 - Vivillon Icy Snow Pattern by Marlenesstamps678 - Meowstic Male by Marlenesstamps680 - Doublade by Marlenesstamps681 - Aegislash by Marlenesstamps691 - Dragalge by Marlenesstamps693 - Clawitzer by Marlenesstamps700 - Sylveon by Marlenesstamps701 - Hawlucha by Marlenesstamps703 - Carbink by Marlenesstamps706 - Goodra by Marlenesstamps707 - Klefki by Marlenesstamps711 - Gourgeist by Marlenesstamps716 - Xerneas by Marlenesstamps

I'll update this with Gen VII once the stamps come in.

Stamps made by Marlenesstamps

New Year, Regarding Another Absence

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 2, 2017, 12:27 PM


So I'm sure some of you have noticed (by my string of cryptic status posts and lack of RP responses, along with small poems I only make while I'm feeling this way) that I haven't really been myself these past few weeks.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. For in fact, I've been myself; the part of my weird personality that shies away from anything I find inconvenient. It's a problem of mine sometimes and is often the reason why people wait days between responses from me. There's times where I'm literally not motivated to do anything, and it isn't surprising to me that it happened over the holidays.

Well, it's a new year now, and is that gonna change? Probably not. So just bear with me through these unexpected hiatuses, as much as I tried to deny it they seem to be a relatively regular thing for me. 

There's an announcement I'd like to make as well. If you haven't gotten an RP response from me in the past day or two, consider the RP as cut short. Please don't take this the wrong way, it isn't anything personal; just something that I don't feel is manageable for me anymore. I'm still doing them, just... Not as much, I think. Probably what I need to get myself back to everything.

Anyways, sorry about the stupid statuses that probably confused some people and the poems that probably got people annoyed

With some edits by NathanDotNet

The lovely base for this CSS is by UszatyArbuz


NathanDotNet's Profile Picture
Nathan?! | 白泽维
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
:flagofchina: by capncraka :flagoficeland: by capncrakaHello to all you people viewing my page! :flagofnorway: by capncraka :flagofjapan: by capncraka

I do a whole lot of stuff on here, though most of it is related to Pokémon in some way. I draw Pokémon icons and write Pokémon TF stories, though I dabble in a number of other things from time to time. With how busy I am, I don't have much time for TF RPs, but I do them anyway, so don't be surprised if there's like a four day (or longer) gap between replies from me; be prepared for RPs to take a little while. I have a group for them and you can check it out if you'd like, at Pokemon-TF-RP

Status updates from me are pretty regular, I usually post one every few days just to let everyone know what's been going on. Also, I usually put up a Random Nintendo Poll every Saturday.

Occasionally, I make music as well, and sometimes it isn't terrible. If I happen to think it's good enough, I'll put it on my SoundCloud. There you'll see a few remixes of Nintendo songs, I do write original songs as well but I usually save those for the games I am making.

I am also a pretty big linguistics nerd. I've recently created a functional synthetic language for absolutely no reason at all, called Ẽjwouð, and another one inspired by Italian and Norwegian, called Orddãni. If you for some strange reason are interested in learning more about them, feel free to ask any questions! I'm always happy to talk about them.

Here's an example of my icons:
Icon - Arceus (for Bubbascal) by NathanDotNet Icon - Shiny Giratina (For ConfinedRings) by NathanDotNet

And here's an example of my stories:
Goodnight... (Reader to Abra TF)
It was the end of the night, 11:30 pm. It has come to the time to take that sleeping pill the doctor prescribed, which was taking its place beside your alarm clock as to not forget it. You had, of course, taken sleeping pills before every now and then, however they seem to have come from a strange brand you had never heard of, and upon further inspection of the small plastic bottle the strange side-effects had caught your attention. "Side effects may include: Loss of height, Extreme sleepwalking, Difficulty moving or speaking, Hallucinative dreams, and many others," it reads. You hadn’t ever seen anything like that on a sleeping pill, let alone any medicine at all. You regret reading those side-effects again, because now they’ve reminded you of why you were so worried for this. But, you knew it was important to trust your doctor. He was the one with the degree, after all. So, you carefully and rather nervously open the lid.
The pills looked relatively normal, a bit b
Upgraded (Reader to Porygon2 TF/MC)
The day had finally come. The day that had consumed you in both eagerness and anxiety every time you looked at it in your calendar. They had asked you to meet them at their building at 2:33 pm so that all of their equipment would be set up; the reasoning behind such a bizarre and specific time was not disclosed to you, however you felt it was probably best to go along with it and not question. After all, you had offered to volunteer for the odd place with previous knowledge of the strange atmosphere surrounding it.
They had asked for you to lay on your stomach, on the bed they had provided for you. It wasn’t at all comfortable, though you weren’t expecting it to be by its appearance. The man thanked you for participating, saying that the employees at The tʃeɪndʒ Corporation will be forever grateful towards your contribution. You had seen that name littered around the rooms of the building, seemingly the name of the group you volunteered for. He then go

Got a Switch, Wii U, or 3DS? Wanna be friends? Let me know your NNID/Friend Code!

And, if anyone asks, I'm WolfiorTG's Hawlucha.

Languages I'm relatively familiar with:
Orddãni (those are my own languages I hope I am familiar with them)

Languages I know a bit of:
Norsk (Bokmål)

Languages I'd like to be familiar with:
All of them.
ID wonderfully drawn by BlackandWhite202, Lovely flag emotes by capncraka

Got a Switch? 

30 deviants said nah
5 deviants said yep i do (lol pls add me i need friends 4172-4740-3436 )

Your opinion on the Nintendo Switch? 

16 deviants said zippadeedoodah
13 deviants said yah
2 deviants said blah
1 deviant said nah
1 deviant said hah
1 deviant said dah
No deviants said flah


Yeah, I've decided that if you want to commission me for a story I will most likely only accept Pokemon. Sorry about that.

I might be able to make exceptions for a series I'm familiar with, but it depends.
I always accidentally favorite things when I'm on the DA app. It makes for awkward situations
Lol I am terrible at responding to people
My thoughts on the Nindies presentation: Yooka Laylee

Other thoughts on the Nindies presentation: Yooka Laylee

Nathan's Corner of Great Music that You Should Really Listen To

These are my favorites separated by genre, it looks like a lot but I actually listen to like, so much more than this. Just my favorites. XD
music nerd stuff

This list will continue to grow as I discover more and more of the amazing music out here on the interwebs and beyond

Future Bass: this is my favorite EDM genre, I could list so many here
Graves and Myrne - Tiger Blood
The Chainsmokers - Roses
The Chainsmokers - All We Know
The Chainsmokers - Closer
Flume - 3
Flume and Chet Faker - Left Alone
Disclosure - Latch
Disclosure - You and Me (Flume Remix)
Unlike Pluto - Show Me Love
Ojivolta - Game Plan
OYNG! and Kivnon - Erase
Max Styler - Awakening

Emancipator - Minor Cause
Emancipator - Anthem
Ludovico Einaudi - Sarabande
Ludovico Einaudi - Life
Ludovico Einaudi - Numbers
Claude Debussy - Reverie
Port Blue - Elephant Island
Port Blue - Silver Blueberry
Tycho - L
Qat - Sky
Qat - Infinity

VGM: I'm a sucker for good VGM...
Undertale - Waterfall
Undertale - Dummy!
Undertale - Another Medium
Undertale - Amalgam
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl - Ending Theme
Pokémon White - Opelucid City
Pokémon X and Y - Snowbelle City
Pokémon Sun and Moon - Malie City (Night)
Pokémon Sun and Moon - Enter the Ultra Beasts
OFF - Desperately Safe
OFF - Windows Licking
Paper Mario TTYD - Story of the Thousand Year Door
Super Paper Mario - Bounding Through Time
Super Paper Mario - Castle Bleck
Duck Tales - The Moon everyone likes this song
Super Mario 3D World - Shifty Boo Mansion
Super Mario 3D World - Footlight Lane
Super Mario 3D World - World Star
Mario Kart 8 - Dragon Driftway
Mario Kart 8 - Wild Woods
Mother - Magicant (plus the amazing Smash Bros remix)
EarthBound - Battle Against a Weird Opponent
EarthBound - Paula's Theme
EarthBound - Winters White
EarthBound - Smiles and Tears
LoZ Breath of the Wild - Title Theme
LoZ Breath of the Wild - Hateno Village
Smash Bros 4 - Duck Hunt Medley
Smash Bros 4 - Light Plane (Vocal Mix)
Sonic '06 - Aquatic Zone
Shovel Knight - Strike the Earth! (Plains of Passage)
Shovel Knight - High Above the Land (The Flying Machine)
Cave Story (3D) - Mimiga Town
Cave Story (3D) - Safety
Freedom Planet - The entire OST is literally so good I don't want to have to list all of the amazing songs from this game

JPop and CPop:
Perfume - Negai
Perfume - Fake It
Perfume - Edge
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Koi Koi Koi
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Candy Candy
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Sunngoi Aura
Capsule - Unrequited Love
Kamishiraishi Mone - Nandemo Naiya
Yohdi Kondo - Pan!!!!!
Yohdi Kondo - Dan Oira
Sue - Yezi
Jay Chou - Qian Li Zhi Wai
Jay Chou - Long Juan Feng

Vocaloid: (not too sure on some of the original artists...)
Hatsune Miku - Common World Domination
Hatsune Miku - Crappy Fantasy Days
Hatsune Miku - I'm Glad You're Evil Too
Len Kagamine - Lost Destination
Rin and Len Kagamine - Children's War
Rin and Len Kagamine - Electric Angel

General Electronic: some of this is probably considered future bass too tbh
Owl City - Vanilla Twilight
Owl City - Air Traffic
M83 - Walkway Blues
M83 - Bibi The Dog
M83 - Echoes of Mine
M83 - Klaus I Love You
Purity Ring - Fineshrine
Purity Ring - Heartsigh
Skrillex - With You, Friends (Long Drive)
Skrillex - Summit
DJ Snake and Skrillex - Sahara
Shaun Wasabi - Marble Soda
Shaun Wasabi - Burnt Rice
Zedd - Epos
Zedd - Hourglass
Zedd - Daisy

Pogo - Wizard of Meh
Pogo - Bangarang
Pogo - Kadinchey
Pogo - Perth Milks It
Pogo - okay i'm not gonna lie I love all of his songs just go and check out Pogo's youtube channel will ya
Public Service Broadcasting - Signal 30
Public Service Broadcasting - Go!

Heterotic - Rain
Heterotic - Empires
EvenS - Tell
Ark Patrol - At All
aKu - Love Shine
Kiiara - Feels
Kiiara - Hang up tha Phone
Chet Faker - 1998
Breathe Owl Breathe - Dogwalkers of the New Age (honestly don't know what genre to put this in lol)

M83 - Kim and Jessie
M83 - Graveyard Girl
The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather
Foo Fighters - Learn to Fly
Foo Fighters - Everlong
Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
Kaleo - Vor í Vaglaskógi
Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk
Two Door Cinema Club - Cigarettes in the Theatre


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